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Wet Line Eyeliner

 ‘WET LINE’ Tissue Permanent Make Up EyelinerTissue Permanent Make Up Eyeliner © IIPC
by: Susan Church
​Director of Education
Director of Clinical Research & Development

“Eyeliners should be performed by a technician who has been trained specifically in the ‘Wet Line’ Tissue protocol.” states Susan Church Director of Education for

Needle Grouping Used: 8 round needle grouping
Machine Used: Sapphire Pro Rotary Machine
Pigment Used: Forrest Green DS Colour
Topical Anesthesia Used: Primary – Numbquick Pink 15-20 minutes, wipe off and use Secondary & Final – MAGIC sparingly throughout the procedure application.
​Method Used: Pointillism, obovoids

‘Wet Line’ eyeliner application replaces the need to keep applying eyeliner daily.
No blurry lines down your face, no undereye smudging, just perfect eyeliner 24/7.

‘Wet Line’ eyeliner should be considered only if your client has a few days downtime as their eyes could
be a bit swollen and may experience mild corneal abrasions.

Is a ‘Wet Line’ Permanent or Semi-Permanent?

The ‘Wet Line’ Permanent Make Up Tattoo can be applied as ‘Semi-Permanent’ or ‘Permanent.’
If your client requests a ‘Semi-Permanent’ line, the pigment is placed into the epidermis and is usually sloughed off within 3-6 months. For a longer lasting eyeliner, the pigment must be placed into the dermal layer of skin making it more permanent.

What Colour is Best for a ‘Wet Line’ Eyeliner?

‘Forrest Green’ pigment colour is a favorite of our clients. If a client wears a blue or green in their wet line every day, we will tattoo this colour for them. These colours highlight the client’s natural iris pigmentation. Of course, Black Orchid, as always, is a favorite pigment colour for a ‘Wet Line’ tattoo.

Should you use a ‘Colour Wash’ Pigment?

If a client requests a softer pigment colour we will use a diluted pigment ‘Colour Wash’ to create a muted colour result. This can be accomplished by using a ‘Rewetting Solution’ from the manufacturer of the pigment company or a few drops of liquid anesthesia in your pigment.

What Technique is Best for ‘Wet Line’ Eyeliner?

Pointillism is one of our favorite techniques that we prefer for this application. It is easy on the client and if performed properly, ensures that every implant will be in the correct layer of skin. Technicians could also use obovoids and/or the straight-line techniques.

What’s With the brow HALO in the first photo??

In the first photo- This client just finished having her brows tattooed and if you look closely, still has a slight ‘Halo’ ring from using MAGIC anesthesia to control and help prevent bleeding and swelling around the procedure area. The ‘Halo’ is from the epinephrine in the anesthesia. Her skin tone colour should be
back to normal in 15+ minutes.

Are there any client contraindications for the ‘Wet Line’ Eyeliner?

‘WET LINE’ Tissue Permanent Make Up EyelinerA through medical and health history should be completed prior to any PMU procedure.
Contraindications may include but are not limited to:
●Under a physician’s care and on contraindicated medications
●Daily Aspirin
●Daily Fish Oils/Krill Oils
●Herpes of the eyes
●Taken antibiotics in the past 3 weeks
●Eye surgery in the past 6 months
●Homeopathics that thin the blood
●Unrealistic expectations
●Pregnant or nursing mothers
●Allergies to any products that the technician may use
●Cataracts or any other eye conditions requiring medical attention
●Non-Intact Skin
●Recent Facial laser, fillers or Botox

“Does Permanent Makeup Hurt?”

The most common question asked is, “Does permanent makeup hurt?”
If your client has piercings and traditional body art, they are not usually the ones asking this question.
This is asked by people that knew someone that know someone else that had their eyeliner tattooed and it hurt like heck.
Women should consider postponing any PMU procedure or artistic body tattoo if it is around their period as they may be more sensitive to pain. We have great topical anesthesia’s that were developed specifically to keep the client comfortable during their PMU procedure.

More on Topical Anesthesia’s in our article

‘5 Tips for Using Topical Anesthesia for Microblading and PMU’

Thank GOD for MAGIC Anesthesia!
Thank GOD for MAGIC! Pain thresholds vary as some people hear the machine and are squirming while others fall asleep during the procedure.

MAGIC is our all-time favorite anesthesia! Clients ask for it by name as its reputation as a fantastic pain reliever is all clients can talk about.

What is the Best Way to Prep the Eyelids?

After cleansing the eyelids, run a ‘BEAD’ of thick gel eye ointment directly into the clients ‘eye pocket’.
This is mandatory prior to applying anesthesia. If the eyes become irritated from the manipulation and wiping of the eyelid tissue, rinse eyes and reapply your eye ointment again. This serves a 2-fold purpose-
the gel protects the cornea from direct abrasion by creating a barrier, keeping burning and irritation to a minimum and the client is much more comfortable knowing you are taking extra care with their procedure. When the procedure is complete, rinse the eyes well with a sterile eye wash.

What are the Proper ‘After Care’ Instructions?

Apply a few drops of Celluvisc Eye Drops or similar product into the client’s eyes to rebalance the electrolytes immediately following the ‘Wet Line’ application. Give your client the vial of Celluvisc to use the night of the procedure and the next day. Instruct them in the proper application to avoid cross contamination. Follow manufactures directions.

Proper ‘After Care’ is essential for long-lasting PMU results.

A partial list consists of
●NO strenuous exercise, go in saunas, Jacuzzis, or being in or around pools or the ocean for 5-7
days post procedure.
●Contacts should not be worn for 12-24 hours post procedure.
●Sleep on all clean linens and use clean towels.
●Do not touch or pick at the procedure area.
●Keep your pets away from the procedure area.
●Keep your fingers and all other objects away from the procedure area while healing.
●It is up to your client to stay compliant to retain the pigment enabling great results.
●The technician should provide a complete list of ‘After Care’ instructions to the client upon
completion of procedure.
●Using ice and taking an antihistamine should alleviate the swelling. (Always consult with your
health care provider before taking medication.)
●If your client experiences any complications have them call you first for instructions and then
contact their health care provider for treatment if necessary.

When is it Time for a Colour Refresher?

Our client can schedule a colour refresher every 5-6 years
to maintain her fresh green liquid – look appearance.

How Much does a ‘Wet Line’ Eyeliner Cost?

The average fee for a ‘Wet Line’ is $800.00 – $2,5000.00

Pricing may vary on:

●The Technician’s Expertise
●Products Used for the Procedure
●Thickness of the ‘Wet Line’
●Top ‘Wet Line’ Only
●Bottom ‘Wet Line’ Only