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Pain Control For Permanent Cosmetic Makeup ©

It is your client’s choice to have an elective procedure performed!

It is also up to the client to make the decision if the procedure is worth the anxiety and discomfort.

No one is forced to have these elective procedures performed. In other words, it is the clients choice to accept responsibility for the procedure from start to finish. It is the technicians responsibility to explain in detail all phases of each requested procedure.

Each client’s level of pain tolerance is as individual as they are. We love to perform permanent cosmetics on someone that already has permanent makeup, artistic tattoos, piercings and brandings. Why? Because they already have the mind set of what they are putting their body through. They understand the process and it is much easier to work on them. Working on a person that has never had any type of plastic surgery or any facial or body injectables, permanent makeup, tattooing, piercing or branding is not aware of the protocol of the process. The new client does not know what to expect. The technician’s responsibility is to walk the client through the procedure letting them know exactly what is going to happen. The client has fear of the unknown.

Yes, permanent makeup is a tattoo.

Yes, permanent makeup involves using a needle to insert the pigment into the skin.

Yes there is discomfort involved.

Yes you need to know these things prior to having a procedure.

Yes, you the client are in control of your behavior and pain control.

The technician will do their best to keep the client comfortable during the procedure, but, it is up to the client to take control and start off the procedure in a positive manner. That positive way starts with your anxiety level. If you have control of your anxiety you will have a successful stress free procedure.

Elective Fun Procedures:



Breast Augmentation


Tummy Tuck

Permanent Makeup – Brows, Lips or Eyeliner

Artistic Tattoos



Must Have Procedures:

Blood Draws

Open Heart Surgery

Gall Bladder Surgery



Broken Bones Reset

Brain Surgery

Hip or Knee Replacement

All of these procedures have some discomfort and pain, some more than others. But patients still elect to have them performed.

Pain Tolerance

It is a technicians duty to tell the clients that they need to accept responsibility for their own body and actions.

As my traditional tattoo artist friends say to their clients “SUCK IT UP”!  “Sit Down, Shut Up and Hold Still”! …No, I am not kidding!

I don’t say those exact words to my clients.  I reword the ‘Suck It Up’  to something along this verbiage- “If you have a low pain threshold, take medication for anxiety to go to the dentist, have laser treatments, vein therapy or when you are having any type of work involving discomfort or pain, then you definitely need to go to your health care provider and ask them how they can help you with the discomfort during your procedure and for the colour refresher in 4-8 weeks post your initial application”. I stress to the client AGAIN, it is their responsibility to hold still. If they feel they cannot hold still……. then you, the technician should refuse to work on them.

When a technician calls me and says  “My client is in so much pain, the anesthesia is not helping them, it doesn’t work and I need something stronger”.

I recite one of my favorite lines…… I say this to my client….. “Then I will stop using the anesthesia and let’s see how much it is helping you”. Of course they always say “NO…keep using it”.

If you think something is going to hurt and your mind set is made up, what ever you are going to have done ……..will hurt.

Clients need to RELAX  and go to their ‘Happy Place’ and relax.

The Technicians Responsibility

You the technician  have a responsibility to educate your client! How thorough was your consultation with the client?  Did they fill out paperwork that asked them about their pain tolerance? Did your paperwork explain everything that they would experience from start to finish and clarify all of the choices the client has to make their procedure as comfortable as possible?

The Client’s Responsibility

Again, your client needs to accept responsibility for their pain level…… NOT YOU!!!!! Clients must sign paperwork that states “If you move during your permanent makeup procedure YOU THE CLIENT are responsible for the mistake NOT the technician. You the client will be responsible for any removal or laser charges to have the ‘mistake’ fixed’.

My Favorite Anesthesia’s to USE


Liquid Numit

Numbquik Pink

UltraCaine White

The first law is….’PLAY BY THE RULES!’   I know the students and technicians get tired of hearing this….. but….. JUST DO IT!

Don’t use illegeal products on your clients.

By: Susan Church CCPC, CPDA