Hyaluron Pen


Hyaluron Pen with 3 adjustable power settings.
Uses 0.5ml ampules.

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Lip Volume & Enhancements • Fine Lines & Wrinkle Correction

This highly engineered and controlled device helps the practitioner volumise your lip without the risk of trauma, tissue damage, nerve damage or uneven results. These are all known side effects associated with the traditional method of injecting dermal fillers into the lip.

The unique design of Hyaluron Pen allows the practitioner to decide both the pressure and volume delivered with each spray. We know that the main blood supply in the lip is 6mm below the surface skin. Most injectable products now come with a 4mm needle, or practitioners are investing in expensive pliable cannulas, in an attempt to reduce trauma and side effects. The Hyaluron Pen delivers the product at 1mm, 2mm & 3mm depths therefore eliminating all risks from this procedure.

This pens adjustability is what makes it different, cheap pens are basically high strength medication or insulin injectors which can penetrate as deep as subcutaneous, they can cause edema and swelling in a moment on sensitive facial skin and can give a very short sharp snap, like an elastic band on the skin.


For example, a mucosal lip injection needs to be much softer than one in the regular lip tissue. Machine is also gentle enough to use for mesotherapy serum application to the face at its lowest setting and filler application into fine lines and wrinkles.


This technique is great for someone who wants a natural looking larger lip with none of the dangers of lip injections. It can be used on top of regular fillers and is best built up over a few sessions for those who want more volume. It is not suitable for someone who wants rubber duck lips, it just can’t provide that huge volume that only a needle can give with a harder filler.

This Pen Uses the 0.5ml ampules.

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